Expertise, skills and items are needed at Thabarwa Center, contributions are very welcome and needed for the ever increasing number of people seeking refuge at Thabarwa Center. The main branch in Yangon has exceeded its capacity and other new thabarwa centers are getting established at increasing rates all around myanmar to fulfill the demand for the teaching of dhamma teaching for food, healthcare and shelter.

This pictures shows the second Thabarwa Mercy Village, presently housing over 500 families in Hlegu Township north of Yangon, Myanmar established in May 2014.
In this village a meditation hall is currently being built, a hosptial and school will be the next step.

hlegu thabarwa village


Here is a list of things needed to support the effort of Thabarwa Center and Sayadaw U Ottamasara

General Supplies

supplies donation at tharbawa



Fire wood for cooking water and food.  New technologies are needed

wood at thabarwa yanon myanmar

For the kitchen staff: big cooking pots, bassins, water containers(also for collecting the rain), shelves, chairs and buckets for food distribution

buckets at thabarwa yangon myanmar

thabarwa kitchen heater



Water Filter Systems

thabarwa water filter system yangon



Medical supply
wheelchairs, beds and plastic covers, walking sticks

medical supply volunteer thabarwa yangong myanmar

donating wheelchair at thabarwa

doctors at thabarwa

</patients in thabarwa



Building material
any material but mostly cement, sand, wood

building at thabarwa yangon

building materials yangon

thabarwa huts meditation center

thabarwa village myanmar



for collecting food on the daily almsrounds to yangon

food transport thabarwa yangon myanmar

vehicles thabarwa transport yangon

vehicles at thabarwa

thabarwa meditation vehicles



Laptops for dhamma distribution work
(for the planned computer room: cameras, laptops, DVD writers, shelves, Mp3 and speaker box)

CCTV to keep an eye on the electronic devices


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