Thabarwa Centere Trailer

Watch the new Trailer for the upcoming documantary about Thabarwa Dhamma Centre and visit the up coming website


5 thoughts on “Thabarwa Centere Trailer

  1. My name is Adriano Carracoi,
    I am Italian man 47years yoga teacher and meditator,
    I stay at Lake Toba samosir untill 13/9 after I have to wait one important mail from Italy in Thailand post Had Yai city.
    That will arrive approx. On the begin of October,
    I looking for one refuge for spend an year and I think Thawarba med center is one good option.
    Please if you can send me all coordinate have to do for receive the sponsor letter?
    I will go at BKK for visa soon as possible.
    While I waiting one answer for you I send my most greetings to everybody reading this message


      1. Adriano Carracoi born in Rome 12/08/1968
        passport YA 3807987issue at Rome 12/11/04, exp 10/11/22.

        With METTA



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