Good Deeds Support Meditation Meditation Supports Good Deeds

Words from Thabarwa Sayadaw Ashin Ottamasara

You can do what you want here in Thabarwa Center. You can help
others. I am helping the people in need, the old aged, the patients,
and the homeless people. This place is now well-known for offering
help to anyone in need. We feed the people, offershelter and educate
their children. Then they can do what they can. This is a home for
all, for the whole family.

I want everyone to know about doing good deeds. I want to teach
the people about the good results of doing good deeds. Here we are
doing good deeds all the time, all kinds of good deeds, including
meditation. I want the people to participate in what we are doing
here. I want you to help. In this way you can learn about meditation
and doing good deeds by practice. You will be satisfied by doing
good deeds and meditation. All your dreams will come true.

What we have done before and what we are doing now is the creator
of what is happening to us now and what will happen in the future. If
there is cause, there will be effect. Cause in the past and the present
time will make the result of the present and future of our life.

So if we do good, there will be good results. If we do bad, there will
be bad results, now and in future. Everyone can understand that
cause and effect very easily by staying and living here. This place
is especially for doing good deeds and meditation, not for other
actions. In the society you can do anything, good or bad, but here,
we do only good things – we do good, we speak what is right, we
think about what is true. Meditation is mind work. If you meditate,
your mind will be healthy and powerful. If you do not meditate,
your mind will not be healthy but weak and unstable.

Here most of the people are not healthy, not young, not rich, but
most of the minds here are healthy and clean, with less desire than
people in the society. This is the place of healthy and wealthy minds.

We are doing good deeds and meditation every day, every time. This
place is a full-time meditation centre.
I am helping people by using the mental power. We are not rich. Most
of the people are not young. Most of the people are not healthy.

have to use the power of the mind to do good deeds and meditation.
When you meditate you must abandon the idea of I or you, mine or
yours. This is very important. Doing with the idea of I or you, mine
or yours is not the right way.
When you meditate, you should try not to do it for yourself.

You should detach from your life as a human. The Truth is not
something, not someone, not living or non-living beings. The Truth
is Impermanent Nature. That nature is not something, not someone.
You should do as the Impermanent Nature, not as a human, as
nature, which is impermanent. You should detach from your life
as “human,” or as “woman,” or “man.” You should meditate as the
nature. This is very important. You should detach from your life,
because the power of a human has limit. The power of the mind has
no limit. So to use the power of the mind you need to detach from
yourself as a human. This is the key. If you meditate as a human,
you will be just a normal meditator, not a real meditator. Try to free
your mind from the prison of life. Our mind is traditionally the
prisoner of this body.

That’s why the mind is not free. The mind of a
human or animal is not free. The practice of meditation is to be free
from the prison of life, the prison of body. It is possible to have free
mind. Free mind is powerful. If your mind is not free you cannot
understand about the Original Truth, which is Permanent Nature
and Impermanent Nature.
My teaching represents the Original
Truth, which is Impermanent Nature.

My teaching is not about someone, not about something, just about
Impermanent Nature. Original Truth is beyond our understanding.

So if you want to understand the Original Truth, you must detach
from the Created Truth – from our life, the life of human, the lives
of animals. Our eyes, ears and nose are also Created Truth. Created
Truth can see only Created Truth, not Original Truth. Created Truth
cannot hear Original Truth. We can hear only the sound. Sound
is also Created Truth. We can know about something or someone,
which are also Created Truths. So we should do good deeds and
meditate to detach from the Created Truth.

If we can detach from
the Created Truth we can understand the Original Truth. Animals
can never understand the Original Truth because they believe what
they know, what they see, what they hear. They cannot understand
what they do not know.

As humans, we have the intelligence to know beyond our current

What we are doing here in Thabarwa Center is doing beyond what
we can do. Normal people will not do like this. We have to do like
this to know beyond our understanding. In the society you will
work for yourself, for your family. You will not work for all. Here we
try to work for all. There is no limit here to doing all good actions.
We use every chance to do good deeds.
Right action is related to right understanding. The actions we are
doing here are the cause for right understanding. If you have Right
Understanding youwill do like us.If you havewrong understanding,
your will do like the other people in the society. Right action and
Right Understanding have connection. People in the society don’t
know like this so they won’t do like this. We are doing what is right
to know the Truth. To know the Original Truth we need to develop
ourselves. This is the place to develop our ability and intelligence.


Thabarwa Center is a place for all!

Thabarwa Center is a place for all!
It provides a sweet home for everybody, unconditionally.

The activities of Thabarwa Sayadaw and the Thabarwa Meditation
Center are wide and various, serving the spiritual and physical
needs of thousands.

Good deeds taking place in Thabarwa Center Thanlyin-Yangon:

• Refuge provided not only for meditators but also for the old
aged, homeless, orphans, loners, and patients with physical and
mental difficulties. All aid and support is offered free of charge.

• Providing food, shelter, water wells for cooking and
drinking, health care, clothing, etc., and solving day to day
problems for centre residents and visitors. This entails organizing
into teams and utilizing the help of outside charities, non-profit
organizations and philanthropists from Myanmar and abroad.

• Daily Vipassana Insight Meditation and Dhamma Talks.

• Retreats in the traditions of famous meditation masters
such as Ledi Sayadaw, Mogok Sayadaw, Mahasi Sayadaw, and
The-Inn Gu Sayadaw. All vipassana meditation methods are
utilized without attachment to any particular method.

• Daily and weekly courses in Abhidhamma, Buddhist theory
and scripture study.

• Sound editing and free distribution of Dhamma recordings
of meditation masters such as Mogok Sayadaw,
AungMingala Sayadaw, and The-Inn Gu Sayadaw.

• Opening of a Pariyatti (Buddhist Theory) Institute.

• Creation of a Dhamma Library with free distribution of
DVD’s, books, and portraits of famous Sayadaws.

Good deeds outside Thabarwa Dhamma Center:

• Establishing new meditation centres across Myanmar and
abroad. Over 60 centers are being established at the moment.

• Cetana (“Good Will”) villages are being created one after the
other for families with financial and social difficulties. Good Will
villages include Dhamma halls for meditation, schools for children,
institutes for Buddhist studies, hospitals and market places.
More and more visitors from all over Myanmar and abroad are
coming everyday to visit, learn meditation and offer their skills,
time, and care in Thabarwa Center.

There are many ways to participate in Thabarwa Center:

1. Daily Meditation and Dhamma discussion

2. Monthly 5 day meditation retreats at
Shwe Chaung Thabarwa Center in Pyin Oo Lwin, near Mandalay

3. Translation or video editing of interviews and Dhamma talks

4. Teaching English to monks, nuns, yogis and children

5. Helping monks collect food in their daily alms round at 7:15AM

6. Helping in the kitchen, cooking, cutting vegetables.

7. Helping with patients

8. Cleaning, developing waste solutions

9. Sharing engineering, construction, landscaping, plumbing,
electric and medical know-how.

10. Any idea or skill you can offer to help others can be
implemented here

11. The possibilities are beyond limits!